Content Policy

Website is a site about open-source software. These programs are distributed for free and can be changed, reworked, or improved. The articles on Losst should be distributed free too. So that users can copy them, publish them at home, and use them in their work. I use Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 license for most of the articles on this website. Of course, I can use this license only for my articles, any translations are not under this license. All articles, which use the free license have this badge under the content:

Here are main requirements of this license:

  • Attribution - you have to retain the copyright of the article. Insert a link to the source article, where your readers can find information about the author and license. Also, you have to indicate the license under which the material is distributed;
  • ShareAlike - if you modify the article, it has to be distributed under the same license. Also, you may not prevent other users from doing anything that is permitted by the license.

So if you want to copy an article to your site, it will be enough if you add a link to the original article and license. For example:

  • Source:
  • License: CC-BY-SA

This is enough to comply with the terms of the license. Thus, more users will learn about Linux and possibly find what they needed to work on their system.

You can read the full text of the license at the official site.