How to Change Keyboard Layout Using Alt+Shift in Linux

In KDE, there is no issue configuring the hotkey you want to use for input switching. However, on the GNOME desktop, it is more complex. There the default keyboard shortcuts for switching layouts are Super+Space and Shift+Super+Space. The first switches to the next layout, and … Read more

How to Mount SMB Share on Linux or Windows

In the previous article, I explained how to mount a Windows shared folder in Linux. There were certain issues due to the fact that Microsoft uses the WS-Discovery protocol, and Linux still poorly supports this protocol. However, if you need to mount a Samba shared … Read more

How to Mount Windows Share in Linux

In the Windows operating system, there is a feature called file sharing. On one computer, you can set up windows-shared folder that will be accessible to all computers on the local network. This is done using the SMB protocol, which has several versions. In Linux, … Read more

How to Find File in Linux

In Unix operating systems and Linux all objects are files. It means that files are used not only for saving user data and system configuration, but different system management and communication mechanisms are based on files too. Therefore, searching for files is very important, and … Read more

23 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 23.04

I explained how to install Ubuntu 23.04 in a previous article and today I want to continue this topic. It looks pretty good after installation, but there are several things you can do to make it even better. For example, you can personalize the GNOME … Read more

How to Install Ubuntu 23.04

It is the end of April 2023 and it means that it’s time for a new Ubuntu release. It is Ubuntu 23.04. This release does not have long-term support, so it may not be as stable. However, it ships several long-awaited improvements, such as the … Read more

How to Find File by Content in Linux

Sometimes, you may need to find a file containing a specific string or find a line in a text file where a particular word is present. This can be useful for searching logs, locating configuration files if you don’t know where they are, or find … Read more

Command grep in Linux

Sometimes you may need to find a file, containing the specific text or find a line which specific words in a specific file. Linux has several utilities for this purpose, but the most popular is called grep. It allows to search not only strings in … Read more

How to Copy Files in Linux

File copying is one of the most common tasks for PC users. Of course, you can use a file manager, navigate to a directory with your file, and copy files using a graphical interface. It is pretty simple. But in this article I will show … Read more

Command cp in Linux

Copying files and directories is a common task when working in the Linux terminal. The most common way to do this is to use the cp Linux command. This command is included in all Linux distributions. It can copy files and directories, and preserve their … Read more


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