How to List All Services Using Systemctl

Systemd initialization system loads units only when it is necessary. So, only units added to the system autostart, those that are dependent on other units, or those that you start manually, are in memory. If you want to get a full list of services which … Read more

How to Remove Service in Linux

Sometimes you may want to remove the Systemd service or at least make it unavailable for use. There is no sense to remove the unit file, cause after the next system update this file may be recovered. The simplest way to remove a service in … Read more

How to List Running Systemd Services

The Systemd initialization system is used for services management in most Linux distributions. If you want to find all services which are running right now, you can use the systemctl utility and its command list-units with state filtering. The full command will look like this: … Read more

Where Systemd Service Files are Located

All Systemd services can be divided into two categories. The first category is system services which are started by a superuser. You have to log in as a root user or use the sudo utility to manage these services. The second category is the services … Read more